1975 till 1980
Training and Instruction at Helmut Beck-Broichsitter in dressage, jumping and military. Execution of training courses for amateurs and escorting at tournaments.
1982 bis 1985
– Instruction at Paul Stecken in Münster (Westphalia).
– Final examination as professional rider at FN in Warendorf.
1985 bis 1987 Employment as horse trainer
– Participation at tournaments up to class M.
– Course-planning and -execution during tournaments.
– Youth development programs with participation at championships.
1987 bis 1989
Horse trainer in the stable of Arthur Kottas-Heldenberg in Vienna
(First horse trainer at the Spanische Hofreitschule Vienna)
– Participation at tournaments up to Grand Prix.
– Instruction of domestric and foreign pupils up to Grand Prix.
– Escorting and supporting of pupils at international tournaments.
Final examination as Pferdewirtschaftsmeisterin / riding instructor FN at Warendorf
since 1990 autonomous and self-employed
– Supervision: instruction-stables with focus on dressage up to Grand Prix
– Instruction and presentation of trained riders from and in Germany, Austria,
mGreece, Japan, Guartemala and Taiwan at competitions
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