Training of horse and rider

A well
trained and motivated horse is the best instructor!
Training must base on the concept and contents of the "
Skala der Ausbildung" (scale of instruction). On this knowledge a horse will be built up in a physically gentle way in order to stay in a healthy and motivatetd condition. A pre-condition for a high rideability and a long lasting career in dressage!

Rider and horse must speak the same language and be able to communicate through smooth coordinated
aids! First of all the most important starting basis for this communication must be garanteed: the seat! The training of riders is based on a released and well balanced seat and on proper aids. A rider can interact easy and comprehensible through effective and proper aids and a correct seat. Those who understood the central theme of the "scale of instruction" will achieve a rapid development and marvelous riding experiences in team play with the horse.

– Training of juniors, young riders and seniors
– Instruction up to Grand Prix
– International riders
– Training of young horses
– Correction-riding of horses
– Rehabilitation-training

Young talents

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